The Mind Blowing


Give Your Next Group of VIP’s, Clients, And Special Guests An Experience They’ll Keep Talking About Forever!

what is virtual

Ah-ha moment – when the show is clever, respectful and makes you and your guests and stuff look good, even on zoom. Especially when they actually make the most important decision together at exactly the same time

Connecting – your team is working remotely or even from different cities or countries. Feeling loyal and together as one grows when you give people a shared experience that they can’t forget

Selling and negotiation solutions – you are already used to meeting some of your clients for sales meetings through zoom. Now you can actually surprise and delight them, and change even the cold-hearted negotiator into a happy, relaxed and cooperative person

The heavy weight of remote productivity – you know that your team’s motivation and their communication skills through zoom will make or break your quarterly results. Let Amir do the heavy weight lifting by making


  • ^Not just funny, LUSTIG is hilarious
  • ^Exclusive and original
  • ^Professional at all times and yet informal too
  • ^Charismatic personality for mixing and mingling
  • ^A show of disbelief adapted exclusively to your event
  • ^Hypnotized Against Their Will



Do you remember BIGG BOSS 2016?

India Was Spell-Bound As They Watched LUSTIG On Bigg Boss In 2016 …
LUSTIG sent shock and awe reactions throughout the Bigg Boss house guests, and the whole of India’s viewing audience.

With his ‘how-did-he-do-that?’ mind-feats and spellbinding magic.

From bending cutlery before disbelieving eyes using only the power of his mind – to manipulating Bigg Boss house guest’s thoughts from a distance, LUSTIG had the TV reality show contestants in the palm of his powers.

Now he wants to entertain YOUR audience and bring them under his control too! Nobody can escape the mind-reading and magic of LUSTIG!

“I don’t have any idea how you did it!
I couldn’t sleep all night”

Ted Denson

our partners


“The show was absolutely brilliant“ ~ Shahrukh Khan (Indian actor)

VIrtual vs Live

VIRTUAL The show must go on, even if through zoom

IN PERSON Flight expenses are cheap in comparison to a smashing success of your events

choose virtual

Wanna see a demo?
The best way to know if a glass of milk is sour is to take a sip. I would love it for you to meet me for a free 15 minutes demo. Invite up to 4 team members and prepare for an experience that might actually make you glad you have to do this event virtually.

After performing in countless mega weddings and gigantic corporate events in India, you can finally enjoy my show virtually and impress your family and friends with the power of mentalism.

“You are too @#$%ing good!
Throw him out of this room”

Jack Black

Still not convinced about booking
a virtual show?

  • ^Amir can read the guests mind even through the screen
  • ^Everyone gets to see the show from their own home
  • ^There are no camera tricks but it looks like bollywood
  • ^The show is innovative and motivates people to be themselves
  • ^No one will need to park their cars
  • ^No headaches of choosing a menu
  • ^The show can be tailored to your company vision or message
  • ^The show connects people from different places for a fraction of the cost
Set up a free demo for you and up to 4 other team members and see for yourself.

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For all booking enquiries contact LUSTIG’s sole agent for the Asian region, Mr. Sam Marshall of Marshall Integrated Services Private Limited.

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Mob + 91 98 198 18135