Top 13 Restaurants in Delhi that are perfect for your celebration

Sep 16, 2022

Delhi is a city that is constantly abuzz with festivities and celebrations. There are so many amazing restaurants here that are perfect for any special occasion. Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting or something grand, Delhi has it all. 

If there is one thing that people here do well, it’s celebrating. From singing and dancing in their joyful and colorful celebrations to lighting candles on every street corner during Diwali Festival – the people of Delhi will never fail to surprise and charm you.

That’s why, if you’re looking for a place for your next celebration, Delhi is definitely the place to be. With so many different restaurants and cuisines to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your event. Each one offers a unique atmosphere and delicious food that will make your event special. 

Here are some of our favorite spots to celebrate in style:

1. Jungle Jamboree

With a design and decor that is both rustic and elegant, Jungle Jamboree restaurant serves customers at Connaught Place and Gurgaon. It has an ambiance of the jungle it also comes with an outdoor space that is perfect if you want to take some fresh air while eating. 

You’ll feel as if you’re in a forest while eating your meal here. Not only does it make for a great event place, but they really know how to cater to kids, too.

2. Pirates of the Grill

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this Caribbean-themed restaurant. They have a great selection of food varying from meat to vegetarian options. It’s set in an informal setting with brown colors highlighted by green accents – all of which create an atmosphere quite unlike any other restaurant!

Pirates of the Grill has something that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Located near Rajouri Garden as well as Gurgaon, their menu options are sure to please even die-hard dieters with all of their delectable delicacies.

Their menu makes great use of fresh ingredients to satisfy even picky eaters while offering enough variety that everyone can find something they enjoy. They have buffets specially designed for young people where every ingredient has been carefully selected and is fresh and healthy.

3. Yeti the Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti the Himalayan Kitchen is located at Greater Kailash 2 and offers authentic Nepali and Tibetan dishes. Their ambiance evokes memories of your trip to Nepal or Tibet, while their warm hospitality makes it feel like home even if you are away from home. 

Yeti is more than just a restaurant, it’s an experience! The warm colors throughout create an inviting atmosphere perfect for spending time together over tasty food. They’re well-known for serving spicy dishes rich with flavors from fresh herbs like cilantro or mint that will make your taste buds sing! Your meal will surely bring dining memories to life again with each bite.

4. Café Dalal Street

The friendly and casual atmosphere of Café Dalal Street at Connaught Place is a perfect place to go if you want to have drinks without breaking the bank.

Customers can monitor drink prices by means of their app, placing orders directly from their phones when they see what’s available in stock.

The alcoholic drinks here, from margaritas to beer, are so good they will make you forget any other drinks you’ve had before. In a world where some bars overcharge for their beverages and others don’t have any at all in stock, Café Dalal Street has what it takes! 

Whether it’s with family or friends (or even colleagues), this place can accommodate any occasion; whether celebration-driven like birthdays and anniversaries, or just casual catch-ups between old buddies every week.

5. Howzatt

Howzatt  is an awesome pub and brewery serving everything from ale and lager to stout – they have it all here. Located in Gurgaon, Delhi, Howzatt offers a great place to enjoy your favorite drinks with friends or family members.

Complete with alcove-shaped seating arrangements and massive projector screens showing live sports matches, this pub has the perfect casual vibe for celebrating anything – even if it’s just an informal meetup with coworkers on weekdays during lunch break. 

Also, the food here will definitely keep everyone happy, especially when Indian cuisines like Chana masala and fish curry are served.

6. Lutyen’s Cocktail House

If you are looking for an authentic Indian drinking experience, then Lutyen’s Cocktail House is your place. With its mirrored walls and a vast collection of cigars in addition to its grand imperial appeal, this bar has everything that one could want.

Lutyen’s Cocktail House’s name is a tribute to Sir Edward Lutyens, a well-known architect who designed some amazing buildings in India and is especially known for his planning of New Delhi and his design of the Viceroy’s House.

They offer not only great cocktails but also live music from talented artists who know how to create a great ambiance with their music. The restaurant comes alive with a backdrop of those instrumentals while providing exquisite entertainment to its guests.

7. Smaash Cafe

The Smaash Cafe is a family complex with an amazing selection of food and drinks (bowling alley included!) Located in Gurgaon, it’s one of the top theme restaurants in Delhi NCR. 

Visitors can enjoy their time playing video games with various sporting options such as Air Hockey or F1 race while they wait for dessert – made especially by our chefs according to your choice from multiple menus available here on request.

The Cafe provides complete entertainment, whether you’re looking forward to playing some games yourself or just want somewhere fun that will make for good conversation; there’s no shortage of either here.

8. Tabula Beach Cafe

Tabula Beach is the perfect place to get that beach-like vibe with an indoor and outdoor seating area. You will also find a bar serving delicious cocktails, with party music playing throughout the cafe. 

There are many events happening here regularly, such as gigs or dance parties, so you can always find something new depending on your celebration or event.

The decor consists mostly of wood panels, which give it an elegant yet simple style all rolled into one. So go ahead; treat your family, friends, or colleagues and have a blast.

9. The Vault Cafe

If you’re looking for a place that feels like it’s straight out of the olden days, then this is the perfect spot for you.

The Vault Cafe at Connaught Place has brought back private vault chambers and they are not just ordinary rooms – each one has its own unique chamber features to make them feel even more special! 

You’ll enjoy sitting around your table in relative seclusion while ordering delicious food from their multi-cuisine menu or drinking one (or two) glasses with friends or coworkers – who could say no?

10. Lord of The Drinks

Lord of the Drinks is like a step into another world. As you climb up those dimly lit stairs and enter through an enchanted forest-themed door, your senses are overwhelmed with all that is enchanting about this place.

It has a large wooden interior furnished with plush brown sofas, and a scrumptious bar serving delectable food from their menu, where you can sip on one delicious cocktail after another!

Whether it be meeting new friends at this popular café’s community tables or sharing stories around them over dinner – there really isn’t anything else quite like it; the Lord really knows how to make his guests feel welcome.

11. Lights Camera Action

The ambiance here is to die for! If you’re looking for some Bollywood drama and culturally-inspired food, then this restaurant will not disappoint you. 

Their menu has dishes named after famous film dialogues or songs that can be found in any given Hindi blockbuster movie. fFom curries influenced by movies like “Horizontals Trap” or “Ghazizadeh” (which was also featured in Knight And Day) to draft beer served cold – the tasting menu here will make you feel right at home!

It’s perfect if you’re craving entertainment with every bite. LCA also operates out of both Rajouri Garden and Hauz Khas Village.

12. Boombox Café.

Do you want to feel like a rap star? Well, then the Boombox Café is a match made in heaven for you.

This restaurant has music-themed interiors that are all about hype – from their diverse menu (which includes fruit-based hookah) to their metal shutters and wall graffiti. There really isn’t anything else like them –  they’re just so different from any other place.

What’s a boombox? Well, it’s an old-school portable radio with powerful sound mainly used by hip-hop dancers. If you want to get the feel of this unique style, then head over straight away to the Boombox Cafe.

13. Farzi Cafe

The Farzi Cafe is a modern, chic place that offers both global and Indian food with an ambiance to match. It’s the perfect spot for dates or just catching up over dinner – you’ll feel right at home in this cozy cafe.

Try out their delicious drinks like Chuski Margarita (a spicy flavour) or any other cocktail on offer for one low price for yourself and your friends to binge on – it’s worth every penny. 

You’re sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. One low price for an amazing selection of cocktail drinks is worth it all by itself!

Delhi is a city that knows how to celebrate.

With so many different restaurants and cuisines, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for you. Each one offers a unique atmosphere and delicious food that will make your event special. If you’re looking for an amazing place to host your next celebration, be sure to check out all of the wonderful options Delhi has to offer.

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