Ten Best Casinos in the World

Jan 31, 2023

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Wynn Macao Casino, China

Located in the most prestigious location you can find in China, this place screams and glimmers like you’ll be served diamonds for cocktails from the entrance all the way to the gambling tables. Dubbed as one of the largest casinos in the world with a capacity to hold 1000 guests.


Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino, Argentina

When it comes to advanced features, this is the best place to go. A casino that hosts all the classic and futuristic games there is in the gambling industry. Not to mention the tourist attractions that are not only top-tier but also historical.


Some examples of attractions at the casino may include a variety of slot machines and table games, such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. They also have high-end restaurants and bars that offer local and international cuisine and drinks, a spa and fitness center for relaxation and rejuvenation, and historical and cultural sites nearby, such as the Plaza Independencia and the Mendoza Wine Museum.


Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore

Known for its iconic structural design that poses extravagance the moment you laid your eyes on it. But it doesn’t just look extravagant but it also delivers. From the ambiance to the service, all you can say is that this is where modern kings and queens play their poker. 


Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino, China

This is the reason why Macao is dubbed the Las Vegas of Asia. And that is because of this monstrosity. And the best thing is that it doesn’t let you down. Equipped with 6000 slot machines and 800 more state-of-the-art gambling tables. This is the place for you and your VIP clients to have fun lavishly.

Ibiza Grand Hotel and Casino, Spain

Ibiza is already known for its paradise-like beaches and out-of-this-world parties. If your VIPs are party goes, then this is the perfect casino for you, with new modern slot machines and gambling tables. Each moment will surely be the best, with live rave music and cocktails pouring endlessly.


The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Is an elegant and luxurious hotel that offers a VIP experience for its guests. The hotel’s casino is a highlight, as it provides a lavish and upscale atmosphere with coconut and palm trees adorning the space.


The casino offers a wide range of games, including classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker, and a variety of slot machines. The casino floor is well-lit, with a high ceiling, and beautifully decorated with elegant furnishings and artwork. 


Guests can also enjoy a variety of dining and drink options at the casino’s bars and restaurants, where they can sample local and international cuisine and drinks. Overall, The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan casino is the perfect place for a luxurious and memorable gambling experience in a warm, tropical setting.


The Sun City Resort and Casino, South Africa

Start singing “Waka Waka” by Kesha ‘cause we are taking you to a whole new world of casinos. It’s like an oasis inside the African Safari. This is the place to bring your adventurous VIPs with its heart-raising high stake games matched with the safari background!


The casino features a wide range of games for visitors to enjoy, including classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. For those looking for a more high-stakes experience, the casino also offers private gaming rooms for VIPs, where they can play games such as high-limit slots and high-stakes table games.


Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Opened in 1864, this hotel and casino are still one of the most extravagant around the world. From a five-star service hotel where your clients can lounge and enjoy this exquisite service. Dubbed the most sought-after casinos in the world, this is where people spend literally millions of dollars just to get in the circle.


The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

If you want top-class safety and privacy for your clients but still want to enjoy gambling in a socialite environment, then this is the place for you, from the Sin City itself.


The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino, Germany

This is what I imagine when the elites say, “oldie but goldie,” the ultimate luxury experience that’s been in the works since the 1800s. Talks about consistency, right?


The casino is decorated with chandeliers, frescoes, and fine art, creating a luxurious and opulent atmosphere. It also features several bars and restaurants where guests can enjoy a variety of local and international cuisine. In addition to the casino, the Kurhaus building also houses a concert hall, a theater, and a spa, which offers a range of treatments and therapies.


One Last Tip for a Successful VIP Gaming


Be reminded that if you want to treat your VIPs to these casinos, then you will have to make reservations around  2-4 months in advance, especially when planning for dates that are sure to get more people than usual. 


You should also be advised to plan out the place they are staying. With these very expensive casinos, it wouldn’t be a problem since all the casinos mentioned also cater hotel needs.


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