Give Your Next Group of VIP’s, Clients, And Special Guests An Experience They’ll Keep Talking About Forever!

Remember how BIG BOSS: India was spellbound by Amir Lustig?

Now he wants to entertain your guests and bring you a mind-bending experience that you will never forget!

“I don’t have any idea how you did it!
I couldn’t sleep all night”

Ted Denson

3 types of services

Cocktail gathering

Cocktail gathering

With the presence of a highly-polished entertainer and the disarming informality of a friend next-door, LUSTIG will entertain your audience and mingle up-close-and-personal with your guests during cocktails. Your event will be the talk of the town for a long time.

Parlour show

Parlour show

This include dinner party close up mentalism. Your guests will be lining up for a piece of Lustig fun

Emcee services

Emcee services

Amir can host the entire event and your guests will feel like A-list celebrities from start to finish.

Most Recent And
Biggest Show

YPO India Tour

Amir Lustig amazed India’s top chief executives — turning corporate events into extraordinary entertainment experiences to remember

Amir Lustig in action

“You are too @#$%ing good!
Throw him out of this room”

Jack Black

They do not believe in mentalism until
they see Amir Lustig in action

Can You Resist This Challenge?

“I’ll pay $10,000 USD to anybody in your audience if I fail to correctly predict, in your presence, my ‘coin in the audience’ energy-reading demonstration!”
LUSTIG, Mentalist Magician
A challenge to rival even the greatest-of-great illusionists of all time, Harry Houdini. LUSTIG has performed his jaw-dropping “coin in the audience” energy-reading demonstration to hand-clapping, foot-stomping audiences around the globe. In 10 years he has never, ever lost the bet – except once. And he paid up on the spot! You can take LUSTIG up on his $10,000 USD challenge and have him perform live at your event.


A Strictly Limited Opportunity To Have LUSTIG Entertain Privately For You!
Now, and for a strictly limited season, you can virtually own a slice of LUSTIG’s life by hiring him to perform live and up close amongst your own special guest list of friends, associates, or VIP clients.
Your private event. Your preferred venue. Your own LUSTIG as your private entertainer!

Close-up Mentalism
in Cocktail Events
with Amir Lustig

Suitable for any cocktail parties, exclusive corporate events, special family occasions, birthdays and more

With the presence of a highly-polished entertainer and the disarming informality of a friend next-door, LUSTIG will entertain your audience and mingle up-close-and-personal with your guests during cocktails. Your event will be the talk of the town for a long time

Three reasons to book Amir Lustig

World-Class Entertainment

World-Class Entertainment

Amir has performed for over a million people worldwide, including in TV shows, corporate events, luxury hotels, and special VIP events

True Mentalism

True Mentalism

From mind-blowing acts to mystifying mind reading tricks, experience the true mentalism powers of Amir Lustig

Real Performer

Real Performer

Amir Lustig is proven to go above and beyond to make the event entertaining and memorable for your guests.

Your Event Can Look Like This


  • PNot just funny, LUSTIG is hilarious
  • PExclusive and original
  • PProfessional at all times and yet informal too
  • PCharismatic personality for mixing and mingling
  • PAn unbelievable and original show adapted exclusively to your event
  • P“Hypnotized-Guarantee”



Do you remember BIGG BOSS 2016?

India Was Spell-Bound As They Watched LUSTIG On Bigg Boss In 2016 …
LUSTIG sent shock and awe reactions throughout the Bigg
Boss house guests, and the whole of India’s viewing audience.

With his ‘how-did-he-do-that?’ mind-feats and spellbinding magic.

From bending cutlery before disbelieving eyes using only the power of his mind – to manipulating Bigg Boss house guest’s thoughts from a distance, LUSTIG had the TV reality show contestants in the palm of his powers.


For all booking enquiries contact LUSTIG’s sole agent for the Asian region, Mr. Devang Shah. Contact details: 

Phone mobile:
Mob + 919 820-460-088

ready to get amazed

WHat They SAY.

“The show was absolutely brilliant“ ~ Shahrukh Khan (Indian actor)

“The show
was absolutely brilliant”

Shahrukh Khan

“You are the
I ever saw”

Salman Khan

“Wow you
are good!
Are you married”

Tiffany Haddish


I have heard so many great things about you. But my event does not have a big stage…are we still a match?

Awesome question! While it’s true that I’m known to perform on big stages and in front of large crowds, the size of your venue will never be a problem. To help you create an experience that your guests will never forget, I always personalize my shows according to your needs.

Why should I hire a mentalist for my event?
One of the issues with most events is that they get off to a sluggish start. The guests awkwardly make small talk while waiting for the fun to begin. They frequently have to wait for well over an hour. That’s where a mentalist magic performance can help! One of the finest ways to amuse your guests is through magic. Mentalists interact with the crowd, doing spectacular magic that will have them all giggling in wonder. Magic is more than just excellent entertainment – it’s the perfect ice-breaker that sets the joyful tone for the whole evening.
You would be perfect for my event! But how much does your show cost? I’m concerned about my budget.
Thank you for this! Every time I’m asked about the cost of my shows, I always tell them that it’s not cheap…but it’s totally worth it. My shows are known because I have spent decades perfecting my craft. And after performing in thousands of exclusive events worldwide, I’m always told that I took their event to the next level. If you want the same for your event, we are definitely the perfect fit.
How are you different from other mentalists and magicians?

Unlike others, I personalize my shows according to your events. That means that I curate my show specifically to your audience and occasion. And the best part is, I don’t just do ordinary parlor tricks — I perform mind-blowing acts that will level up your event.

If you are looking for a spell-binding, internationally-acclaimed master mentalist who can put on a world-class show, then I’m excited to work with you!

You are just the entertainer that I’m looking for! How can I make sure to have you for my event?

I would love to connect over WhatsApp at +972 52-660-0400 or through email at and discuss further! Looking forward to hearing from you.