Discover 9 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas to “WOW” guests

Aug 30, 2022

It is hardly a quiet event.

A magnificent affair with a lot of pomp and an immensely joyful reception, an Indian wedding is incredibly colorful and lavish.

Every member of the family deems this one of the most important days of their lives. They usually invest a huge amount of money in it, as this celebration lasts longer than just one day. Three days to be exact.

Indian wedding preparations start at least one week in advance. This extravaganza includes various gatherings, music, and dance.

If you’ve been to an Indian wedding, you will notice that greetings and presents are frequently exchanged. Extensive preparations are also made for the cuisine, entertainment, and floral decorations. 

In some ways, it also resembles a festival because of all the fun and excitement. Such a sacred celebration brings joy to everyone who attends. 

Religious rites and ceremonies create strong ties between the two families as well as between two individuals. Guests arrive bearing gifts and well wishes for the couple. 

The most significant moment is of course when the bride and groom are declared husband and wife following the religious ceremony.

Then it’s time to celebrate and have some more fun.

If you’re someone who is curious or looking for entertainment ideas for your wedding, we’ve got something for you!


Here are  9 unique wedding ideas that will make your guests say “Wow!”

1. Invite a well-known singer

Weddings have evolved significantly over the years, and the entire occasion is now a carefully organized event.

You can invite reputable vocalists to build the mood for the wedding. Make sure that the vocalists you are considering are at ease performing in the style of music you want. 

Most singers are able to perform Raag-based or standard Indian classical music. People can unwind and lose themselves in the music by listening to these notes in the background throughout the wedding.

Additionally, event management businesses may assist you in finding vocalists who can perform a variety of musical genres, including native music, ethnic music, neotraditional music, and more.

These singers can perform songs for rituals or special occasions like Vidai, Mehendi, Ganapati Sthapana, Jaimala, and Pheras. This is far superior to pre-recorded Hindi wedding music.

2. Get to your feet and dance as a family performance

Get everyone pumped and ready. Put on your dancing shoes and showcase your flair through music! 

Hire a choreographer to help you master some killer movements that will light the stage on fire, and get a list of the best Indian wedding tunes. 

Family members usually start preparing to dance to wedding songs as soon as the wedding date is set. Beginning with sangeet practice sessions, the enjoyment doesn’t end till the performance day in front of other guests.

3. Set up a photo booth

We all love taking photos. It not only captures a moment, but it is also just fun to do, especially with the people close to us.

Visitors can use the booths to create images that can be immediately printed and sent to them. Think of it as a new twist on the traditional photo booth.

Photos are always encouraged and are one of the highlights at any event. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, reunion, or seminar, taking photos of the occasion helps you remember it afterward.

You can also get some candid images to brighten your days with the lovely backdrop of the wedding celebration.

4.  Start a Quiz Game

Wedding receptions are one of the ideal settings for trivia-style activities. Come up with a set of questions for visitors to answer; it can be created by a wedding planner or family member who will also collect the bride and groom’s responses in advance. 

Consider asking the bride and groom questions too,  as a test of how much they really know each other.

There are several trivia games that you can choose; aside from the bride and groom’s personal facts, you can also try out general trivia games, or you can ask them to form two teams and see which one ends up being the best.

5. Wedding night is a karaoke night

Groove with the music while singing the songs. 

If it works for you, your spouse, and your guests, then wedding karaoke is a terrific idea. 

Do you know what karaoke is? This is a radical idea that has gained popularity in recent years. Do something similar to a typical karaoke session, but with a live band to accompany you. 

This is worth considering. You get a lot for your money and there is time for dancing because many of the band karaoke acts I am familiar with include a party set in addition to the karaoke set. 

Also, it can give a “cooler” edge to your wedding reception.

6. Invest in a fireworks show

Fireworks can be as big or small as you like at your wedding, from tiny sparklers to jaw-dropping displays. But in order to make sure your wedding fireworks display goes off without a hitch, keep in mind that you have to consider your wedding venue.

Any wedding fireworks display will require an outdoor area to be successful. Beyond that, you should ask your venue coordinator what they do and don’t permit. Some will prefer you to stick to sparklers, while others are glad for you to hold a pyrotechnic extravaganza.

It makes no sense to plan a large exhibit and spend money on it only to find out that the place does not allow it. You can also ask them for names of businesses that they have worked with in the past to simplify the planning.

7. Dance drama

A well-choreographed dance drama performed by either professional artists or family members can enhance your wedding festivities. 

The enjoyment increases even more when dancing to upbeat music in accordance with the ritual being performed. Dance to current music and make lifelong memories. 

If you want to hire experienced artists, ask an event planner for assistance. They can make the necessary arrangements for a big performance that meets your expectations.

8. Short film about your love story

 It’s fun for your guests to be part of this very special occasion of your life as a newlywed.

It’s even more fun to inspire them with your love story, how you met each other and got to this point of tying the knot and sharing your love forever.

It will make your wedding more unique, and your guests will enjoy perusing the pictures of memories of your relationship prior to being married.

9. Hire a mentalist magician

A mentalist like Amir Lustig receives tons of positive feedback following his performances. But believe it or not, the performance’s main attraction is not the mentalist.

The true winner is the one who booked the entertainment in the first place! 

When the ceremony and celebration are done and everyone is reminiscing about the events of the day, the question that usually comes up is. “Man, that mentalist man was fun! Who had the foresight to book him?” The answer is YOU.

If you are looking for a world-class mentalist who can transform your event into a night your guests will never forget, visit to know more.


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves to be remembered and celebrated. 

If it’s you who are starting a new period of your life, congratulations! We’re glad you’ve finally met the person you want to be with for the rest of your life.