13 Ways to Impress VIP Guests

Aug 26, 2022

You might be thinking of inviting some VIP guests to your event to boost public interest, attract more guests and build stronger relationships with your investors or business partners.

That is a great idea, especially if you’re aiming to generate more sales and help your business become better known in town.

You can’t mess this up. This event could make or break your reputation and your business. So inviting important guests will require painstaking, foolproof planning and attention to every event detail.

When inviting VIPs to an event, try to learn as much useful information as you can about them. This usually entails speaking with one or more members of their inner circle, such as the VIP’s personal assistant, manager, or agent. 

Learn more about their tastes and expectations so you can get a feel for how you’re going to put things together for their presence.

They are a huge deal and we’re here to help you guarantee their loyalty to your brand by giving you some golden nuggets that you can use to make sure you make a great first impression.

Here are the 13 ways to impress your VIP guests and get them to recommend your business to their peers.

1. Serve them well, make them feel comfortable at all times

Make the access to your event convenient; ensure that they can get to the venue with no hassle at all. 

You might also give your VIPs their own personal assistants who can attend to their needs at any moment.

Of course, our VIP customers will pay extra for the event, but offering a VIP experience gives you another chance to build and sustain relationships and your company’s great reputation.  

Planning the development of a superb VIP experience in your event preparation assures that your VIP ticket holders will be eager to repeat the experience the following year.


2. Make it more personal

Handwritten messages can be added to gift baskets or swag bags. If the guests have a history with your business or event, express your gratitude in your note. Otherwise, try to recall something they said to you during the event. This adds more emotion and value to your gifts.

Gifts also play an integral part in personalization. Try giving them something they love – and you can learn this by checking their social media platforms, calling mutual friends, or asking their personal assistants.


3. Do upgrades

Even if everyone is staying at the same hotel, your VIPs can be upgraded to suites. If the hotel has an executive level, sign up for access to the lounge.

You can also add more perks by upgrading their seat on the plane from economy to business class or booking a limousine to get them to their hotel before and after your event.

There are various ways to improve the meeting or conference experience. Include an express check-in station outside the event venue for VIP guests, especially for large groups. 


4. VIP Food Function

Asking the correct questions of your client’s PA is the key. If they have any specific preferences or nutritional needs or restrictions, you must be aware of them. 

It would be a complete catastrophe if you served a customer who needed gluten-free options some delicious (gluten-containing) sandwiches and cake, or served a chicken dish to your vegan guest!

This process will go much more smoothly if your company and the client already have a working connection. However, knowing what they need and giving it to them is a terrific way to make a strong first impression if they are a new client or  a prospective lead for your business.






5. Distribute portable chargers for mobile devices

If you’re looking for something that they can use right away during your event,  portable electronic device chargers or power banks might come in handy.

You can also personalize a device by putting a sticker with your brand name on it.

Technology and gadgets such as phones, laptops, cameras, and the like can be considered as real needs as we use and rely on them in our everyday lives. 

It’s no secret that we need to keep them powered up at all times, and the fundamental advantage of portable power banks is their capacity to deliver consistent power when needed, whether at work, to communicate, or to get updated on the latest events locally or globally.

6. Host a spa lounge for your VIP guests

You can always get in touch with a specific salon or brand to discuss a collaboration if you have one in mind. 

This choice works best for local events because there is a higher likelihood that those VIPs who used the services will still visit the area after the event and avail themselves of their services again.

After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a little pampering time?



7. Begin a VIP newsletter with unique event flash deals and bonus goodies.

You already know about your VIP customers’ specific interests and motivations, so you may adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. After all, they already know and appreciate your brand, so you don’t need to educate them as much as you would a new client or customer.

Your existing partnership with them also allows you to be more creative and less salesy with your email marketing.

They must never feel oversold but rather valued after receiving a thank-you message from you. 

Keep your attention on them and make them feel how grateful you are to have them as your client or customers by offering exclusive goodies or gift certificates.


8. Plan one-on-one meetings between event VIPs and influential people in the sector.

This will lift your VIP guests’ moods l and make them genuinely happy.

A chance to meet the most well-known and respected people in the field, who might be an inspiration to them and have a huge impact on their lives, will make them thank you forever. 

This will also guarantee their appearance at your next events, because they will already have something to look forward to.


9. Give VIPs exclusive parking spots and drop-off locations for ridesharing services.

You don’t want to give your VIPs a hard time finding a place to park. If it becomes too much of a hassle for them, they might decide to give up and leave your event without even setting foot in your venue.

You should be aware that convenience is a benefit that all VIPs value highly. So be sure to provide an exclusive parking space for their vehicle or else a specific drop-off and pick-up location.

10. Distribute chargers for mobile devices

If you’re looking for something that they can use right away during your event,  portable electronic device chargers or power banks might come in handy.

You can also personalize a device by putting a sticker with your brand name on it.

Technology and gadgets such as phones, laptops, cameras, and the like can be considered as real needs as we use and rely on them in our everyday lives.

11. Host a VIP post-event secret party

VIPs should be treated to an exclusive party or event. Make sure it’s either near your major event or is held on-site in a sneakily concealed spot. Even the busiest of your VIPs will be able to attend with fewer impediments if you do this. 

This will add spice to your company, and who would say no to a little extra fun?

12. Provide them a free local tour, supplemental course, or workshop 

The chance to take a break from work with something free and enjoyable will be greatly appreciated by guests who are coming from out of town for your event.

They will never say no to having some fun and getting to know the local area. Take them on a tour of the famous landmarks, and give them an extraordinary experience with all the beautiful scenery.

A bonus class and workshop will also have you making a better impression and will build your reputation, as well as strengthen your relationship with them.


13. Give them world-class entertainment like no other

This is your chance to give your next group of VIP’s, clients, and special guests an experience they’ll keep talking about forever!

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